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• BOLETIN INDUSTRIAL  is a monthly publication distributed nationally for 40 years. Printed in glossy paper, and in full color. Includes cross referenced Product - Company Index for easy search as well as articles about actual industrial trends.


  • 30,000 monthly printed magazines with free distribution to all sector industries in the 32 states.

  • Audience: 1.84 readers per issue, 65,000 readers per month

  • Additionally, we publish our monthly Digital Version of the magazine distributed via email to 25,000n industrial addresses, Also +20,000 E-Newsletters are sent every month containing information about new products and technology.

  • Marketing plans starting at


As guaranteed reference, we have clients appearing non-stop in our publication for 35, 34, 33, 32, 31, 30…….years!.

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 Serach Engine Internet Platform is an online directory for companies and vendors of the Mexican industrial sector with show products and services with pictures, brands, technical specifications, and features.


• Our main objective is to generate inquiries as much as possible.


• +140,000 monthly visitors from Mexico, USA, and Latin America as well as other worldwide countries.


• Online for 18 years to help sell your product effectively.


• Today 25,842 companies  promote 87,399 products who receive inquiries through our media vehicle.


• Also contains outstanding industrial technological articles.


• We have different online options from basic to opportunities that offer 100%  guaranteed inquiries. Different types of banners also offered.

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Revista de Automatización Industrial



Revista de Automatización, is a new publication by BOLETÍN INDUSTRIAL, that has as a precedent the Automation and Process Control Directory (DAC), printed since 1993.


The publication’s main objective is to show products and services to the Mexican industry pertaining to Industrial Automation, Robotics, and IIoT.




  • Printed 3 times per year, sent 12,000 issues to most important Mexican industries.

  • Digital editions will be permanent web hosted for exposure and review

  • Publication  and broadcasted three times per year to 45,000 unique industrial emails sent via e-newsletters, together with advertising companies and its main products and services.

  • Publication will be in with all advertisers’ products, pictures, descriptions, uses, features, brands and videos.

  • Company and products will also appear in Boletin Industrial Automation section.

  • Mention company products listings additional to contracted printed ad.

  • Company logo or brand will also appear in magazine cover.

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BOLETIN INDUSTRIAL E-mailings a direct vehicle to send your message to the main industries in Mexico.


• Choose your audience, by state and industrial sector.


• Our data base consist of 39,000 verified registrations in 23 different type of industries. Distributed in the 32 Mexican states.


• Many options to choose from.

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